Below you’ll find a few links to recent publications available in online format.


Two Poems in the Boston Review

Group of Kids Kicked in My Screen Door in RHINO

Plants Fed by Fracking Flowback in Rust & Moth

Two Poems in Jet Fuel Review

February Variations in SWWIM

How to Cry and Understand Difficult Art in Occulum

Casting the Girl from the Poppy Field in Diagram

Gladys Knows the Girls Want to Take Her Place in Gulf Stream Lit

Three Poems at Jet Fuel Review

Letter to my Red Gun-Dog America in Split Lip Magazine

Baptism in Glass: A Journal of Poetry

You Know I Am Right To Do So in Copper Nickel

Mossbride in Crab Creek Review

Changeling in the Molotov Cocktail’s Shadow Award issue

Three poems in Menacing Hedge

Teleology — Atl Atl in interrupture


Apology in Proximity Magazine